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Why Do People Seek Psychological Therapy?

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There are numerous reasons that a patient might seek a course of therapy from a professional psychologist. In some cases, it will be because a medical practitioner, such as a GP, has recommended this course of action. In Australia and much of the West, people also tend to seek out psychological help from a trained therapist on their own. You might be considering doing so yourself, too. If so, what are the most common reasons for booking an initial private consultation with a psychologist these days? Read on to find out.

Anxiety and Depression

To begin with, anxiety and depression are related psychological disorders that are not that easy to diagnose without professional help. Many people who suspect that they might suffer from these sorts of mental health disorders seek out the services of a psychologist to discover whether or not such a diagnosis can be made. If so, they'll usually explore the various treatment pathways on offer with such conditions.

Bereavement Management

Many people who have enjoyed good mental health in their lives find they need help after being bereaved. Dealing with grief can be a tall order without professional assistance. Typically, patients turn to grief counsellors who have specialist psychological skills in helping people to handle the emotions of loss they feel.


Substance addiction as well as addictive behaviours, such as sex addiction, for example, can be treated through psychological therapy. Many people who visit psychologists these days do so to help them overcome their addictions, often with the support of their family. Indeed, some psychological programmes include family therapy sessions that focus on the wider impacts of addictions.

Self-Confidence Issues

In some cases, psychologists will see clients who want help to become more self-confident. Learning how to be more assertive takes many forms and includes certain psychological approaches which can be taught. Generally speaking, people who undergo such therapies tend to find that they tend to lead to lasting results in boosting self-confidence.

Sporting Performance

These days, more and more people seek out psychological help to assist their sporting performance. Sports psychologists have long been employed by professional sportspeople and clubs to help star players perform to their optimum level. Consequently, it is now not uncommon for amateur sports enthusiasts to do the same, whether it is to improve their concentration during a round of golf or improve their competitiveness when playing a team game, such as soccer, footie, cricket or rugby.

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