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3 Ways to Tell That You Have Hearing Loss and Need Hearing Aids

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Several things can lead to hearing loss. Loss of hearing comes in two main categories. Conductive hearing loss happens when you suffer damage in the middle ear. Sensorineural hearing loss affects the inner ear. You might also suffer from a combination of both types of hearing loss. However, before you suffer complete hearing loss, you will experience warning signs. It is advisable to always watch out for signs that your hearing could be getting damaged. Here are three ways to tell that you need hearing aids. 

You Think Others Are Mumbling

People with a healthy sense of hearing can hear what others are saying, even in relatively noisy settings. You could have hearing loss if you start feeling as if people are mumbling when talking to you, despite their efforts to speak louder. Similarly, get checked if you keep telling people to speak louder over the phone. Also, if you have a hard time understanding others in the theatre, it is time to consider seeing an ear doctor for a proper diagnosis. 

When You Can't Hear the TV or Radio

Another indicator that you are developing hearing problems is when you cannot hear the TV or radio. Often, this comes with the need to tune the radio louder than average. It is an indication that you might have sensorineural hearing loss. The type of hearing loss involves damage to the nerves of the inner year. Also, you might notice that your hearing loss keeps getting worse with time. Sensorineural hearing loss can also be a result of constant exposure to loud music. A proper diagnosis will help the doctors determine whether they can reverse the problem. 

You Cannot Understand People When Looking Away

Another indicator that you need hearing aids is when you cannot understand what people say unless looking at them. The phenomenon often indicates that you have to rely on reading their lips and facial expressions to get what they are saying. Also, you might find yourself having a hard time understanding conversations, especially in large groups. Another way the problem manifests is when you are a student and you have to sit at the front of the class to grasp what the teacher is saying even when they use a public address system.

The key is getting a professional to assess your hearing and determine whether you need hearing aids. The hearing aid will minimise your struggle when following conversations and slow down the effects of hearing loss.