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Four Reasons Why Your Family Needs A Primary Care Provider

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Primary care, often viewed as an ambiguous term, can loosely be defined as general medical care. While most of us wrongly associate seeing a doctor with being sick, the truth is that seeing a primary care provider regularly will help you maintain a long and healthy life. A primary care provider is what experts call a primary care physician or simply a family doctor. Primary doctors have been beneficial to many, reducing the chances of cancer deaths, stroke and other terminal illnesses for many patients. The importance of a family doctor, however, extends way beyond preventing diseases, and here are four other benefits of having a primary care physician:

A Higher Level of Comfort and Transparency

People are usually reluctant to talk to strangers about their health issues. Sharing your health concerns with your primary care physician habitually diminishes this initial lack of transparency. Furthermore, patients who have a primary care physician are reported to show higher levels of satisfaction than those without. This is essentially because regular visits to your family doctor yield a trustworthy relationship.

Better Management of Chronic Illnesses

Chronic illnesses, such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and arthritis, are difficult to monitor, and a primary care doctor can help you stay organised and monitor any changes to your body. Additionally, a primary care provider will help in scheduling regular visits for routine tests and ensure that you are up to par with your medication.


Knowing you in person is one thing, but knowing the intricacies of your health and wellness is another that family doctors are extremely good at. The regular visits you and your family have with a family doctor save time since they have your medical history and that of your family. The transparency of your health history also helps the family doctor catch other health issues early. A study in the UK uncovered that having a physician helps you live longer. This familiarity allows for personalised care and a unique approach that you will most likely receive from a new doctor at the clinic.

Can Recommend You to A Specialist

Although your family doctor is trained to handle any physical or mental issues that may occur, there are certain health conditions that may necessitate you to see a specialist. Your primary care doctor will give you helpful recommendations and share pertinent information with other healthcare practitioners for quality health care.

If you haven't made up your mind yet, consider getting a family doctor who understands your family's needs. The continuity of care illustrated above will help you get well-rounded, tailored care for your family. Look for a family doctor who practices in your local area.