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3 Reasons to Choose a Retirement Village by the Sea

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With the retirement village market booming, there are now more villages to choose from than ever. Deciding which one is right for you can be the most difficult part of your retirement journey. If you're stuck for ideas, why not consider retiring to a coastal village? Alongside great views, there are many practical reasons why seaside retirement villages are great. Here are just three to take a look at.

1. It Will Keep You Active 

One of the keys to staying healthy in your later years is keeping active. While retiring by the sea gives you plenty of opportunities to relax and lounge, it also gives you opportunities to get out and exercise. Few forms of exercise are more satisfying than a walk along the beach. The best part is that since beaches often stretch so far, you can walk as much or as little as you like depending on your usual activity level. Plus, you'll get plenty of fresh air while you're out. If you choose a retirement village with its own on-site fitness programs, you can alternate between structured classes and freeform walks whenever you like.

2. Seaside Living Is Healthy

With health being such a major consideration for any senior, it may interest you to know that research shows that people who live close to coastlines are healthier than those who live further inland. There are many reasons for this. As mentioned, one reason is that it's easy and fun to stay active by the beach. Another reason is that the seaside is a great place to relax, and destressing is crucial to staying mentally and physically healthy. The early stages of one clinical trial even suggest that people feel less pain when immersed in a coastal setting.

3. Your Family Will Want to Visit

Moving to a retirement village often means moving away from your children and grandchildren. As much as your family will want to visit you, life often gets in the way. When your adult children are burdened with life stresses, they're less likely to plan a trip to bring the family to see you. But retiring to the coast is a great way to encourage them to stop by as often as possible because visiting you will be like a vacation. Beaches have so many possible activities, from swimming to pony rides to fishing. With something for everyone, it's the ideal spot for most families, making yours more likely to visit. And for you, what better place to make memories with your family than surrounded by sun, sea and sand?