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On the Point of Happiness

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How happy do you currently feel? The mood you're in right now doesn't necessarily determine how happy you are with your life circumstances and how you feel mentally and physically. Happiness is a state of well-being rather than just the mood you're currently in. You will have a happiness point which is altered by your life circumstances. Seeking the help of a positive psychologist and undergoing therapy will enable you to perhaps change your lifestyle and habits. Reframing thoughts may alter this happiness point.

On your journey through life you'll encounter all sorts of ups and downs, but if you feel things are overwhelming, make an appointment with your doctor. Sometimes this is all that is needed. Just having a chat with someone outside of your home environment may help improve the way you feel about things, and you'll be given advice on how to improve your situation.

There are many ways to help your happiness grow:

Finding a sense of purpose could help you become happier. Getting a new job or changing your career has a massive affect on your life circumstances.

Try something new. It's always fun to try something new and not get stuck in the same monotonous routine. Be creative or try a yoga class or something else new.

Maintaining healthy relationships and connections with people. The more connections you have, the better you will do in life.

Live a healthy lifestyle. Improving your immune system will mean you're less likely to become ill and suffer body pains.

Live in the present moment. Memories which come from life experiences will live longer than the materials around us.

Be grateful for what you already have.

Get support if we need it. If the problem is serious seek help straightaway. It's difficult to know when to seek the help of a professional, but don't put things off as this may make the problem become worse. It's much better if you make the decision to go see someone yourself too. The mental stigma there once was no longer exists and it's much easier to feel at ease these days when asking for help.

Psychologists will have a degree and the knowledge to evaluate and study your behaviour and mental processes. They will then be able to treat you depending on the type of problem you have. It may not take that many sessions. If seeking a psychologist yourself rather than being referred to one, always make sure they are of a professional standard.