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How to Make a Funeral More Meaningful

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When a loved one dies, it is hard to think about the service you will give them, but it is important to start planning as soon as you can. This allows you to have time to plan something that will provide the most meaning. The following information gives you some insight into what elements add more meaning to a funeral service.

Readings and Speakers

One good way to make a funeral service more meaningful is by asking people to speak during the service. Choose people who were very close to the deceased and who have something special to say about them or their experience with them. This often begins with the person who is going to give the eulogy, which is going to give a summary of the person's life. Aside from that, ask if anyone else wants to speak at the funeral, such as close friends, neighbors, children, or siblings. Some funerals have more meaning when people stand up and give a reading, such as a song lyric or poem that the person who passed often enjoyed.

Symbols of the Deceased's Life

Make the funeral service more meaningful by providing symbols of the person's life that others would remember. Start by putting some photographs in picture frames and placing them in the area where you will have the funeral or memorial service. Choose candid photographs that show memorable moments of their life, such as their wedding, the birth of their child, or even a picture of them laughing and enjoying one of their favorite activities. Some other good symbols include flowers they enjoyed in a color that was their favorite, candles with their favorite scent, or setting out some of their favorite foods.

Adding Music

Music can transform someone's mood and bring back a lot of memories, both good and bad. With a funeral service, you want to choose soft and soothing music, but also music that reminds the guests of the deceased. This may be a song that was known to be their favorite, or simply music that represents their personality and what kind of life they led. If your grandfather's favorite family vacation of his life was to Hawaii, then playing some soft Hawaiian music is a great option.

Final Resting Place Service

While this is optional, many people choose to have the funeral service, then go out to the final resting place for a gravesite service. By having this, you give people one last chance to say goodbye. These services are a good way for people to put individual flowers onto the casket before it is lowered to the ground, which is a good sendoff for your loved one.

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