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3 Benefits of Organic Band-Aids

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Single-use plastics have always been a problem for the environment since they are non-biodegradable and pollute the ecology to a more considerable degree. Luckily, recycling initiatives have proved to be the best solution to this menace. Unfortunately, most band-aids are made of non-reusable plastics. Latex band-aids are not any better because they take a long time to break down, but at least they are renewable. Therefore, as health facilities move towards sustainability, biodegradable bandages have become central to medical procedures. Read More»

Three Critical Guidelines for Promoting a Smooth Pregnancy

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If you are expecting a child or are preparing for pregnancy, you should prioritise your health. It is important to remember that poor health during this period could compromise your and the baby’s well-being. In general, proper care should begin with choosing a reliable obstetrics specialist. The medical professional will check up on your body and monitor the changes, minimising the risk of complications. In addition to obtaining professional care, here are some essential tips to keep in mind for a smooth pregnancy. Read More»

The Advantages of a Vascular Ultrasound and What It's Used For

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When it comes to diagnostic tools, ultrasounds are amongst the least dangerous. They don’t emit radiation, which means they’re safe for use on pregnant women. If you’re due for a vascular ultrasound, it’s normal to wonder what their advantages are and how clinicians can use them. The Advantages of Vascular Ultrasounds Unlike some other forms of imaging, they don’t require contrast dyes and they won’t expose you to radiation. Certain people shouldn’t be exposed to radiation, such as pregnant women and those who encounter a lot of radiation at work. Read More»