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Four Reasons Why Your Family Needs A Primary Care Provider

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Primary care, often viewed as an ambiguous term, can loosely be defined as general medical care. While most of us wrongly associate seeing a doctor with being sick, the truth is that seeing a primary care provider regularly will help you maintain a long and healthy life. A primary care provider is what experts call a primary care physician or simply a family doctor. Primary doctors have been beneficial to many, reducing the chances of cancer deaths, stroke and other terminal illnesses for many patients. Read More»

4 reasons your obstetrician might induce labour

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Most pregnancies progress normally and end with a healthy baby. Occasionally, an obstetrician must induce a pregnant woman; this means the doctor does something to stimulate labour. Here are four reasons a labour induction may be ordered: 1. Your baby is overdue A normal pregnancy is 40 weeks. If a woman goes more than two weeks past her due date, problems can arise. The baby will continue to grow and may make a natural childbirth more difficult. Read More»

Preparing for Your Tonsil Removal Surgery

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When you experience repeated bouts of tonsillitis, your GP may refer you to an ENT specialist for tonsil removal surgery. By removing your tonsils, you’re likely to experience long-term relief from the problem. Your medical team will provide you with guidance on how to prepare for your surgery, but here are some tips to get you started. Stop certain medications If you regularly take certain medications, your ENT specialist may ask you to stop taking them in the run-up to your surgery. Read More»

3 Reasons to Choose a Retirement Village by the Sea

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With the retirement village market booming, there are now more villages to choose from than ever. Deciding which one is right for you can be the most difficult part of your retirement journey. If you’re stuck for ideas, why not consider retiring to a coastal village? Alongside great views, there are many practical reasons why seaside retirement villages are great. Here are just three to take a look at. 1. It Will Keep You Active  Read More»

Three Primary Advantages of Medical Imaging Services in Health Care

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Technological advancements in the medical industry have evolved greatly to ensure that malfunctions in the internal systems of the body are caught early. And one advancement that is critical in the health care industry is medical imaging services. Some people may have reservations about medical imaging since they are concerned about exposure to ionising radiation. However, this risk is minimal when compared to the massive benefits that these services offer. Read on to learn about three primary advantages of medical imaging services in health care. Read More»

Three Top Reasons That Every Couple Needs a Relationship Counselor

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For every couple, whether young or old, there comes a time when the two of you experience issues, and you may need professional third-party assistance to get things back on track. Some of the issues that may cause cracks in relationships include financial issues, unfaithfulness, differences in sexual desires and endless disagreement. Nevertheless, some couples may opt to seek the services of relationship counsellors as a precautionary measure to help them understand each other well and nurture a long-term relationship. Read More»

Essential Foot Care Tips for People With Diabetes

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Looking after your feet when you have a diabetes diagnosis is important. As your condition advances, there’s a risk that a reduced blood supply will impact the sensation in your feet. Because of this, you may not notice injuries as quickly as other people, which then results in a higher risk of infection. In addition to using podiatry diabetes treatment services, there are steps you can take to protect your feet at home. Read More»

Will Preventative Medicines Eliminate Your Migraines?

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Bad migraines can be debilitating. These intense headaches sometimes leave sufferers in bed for days and unable to function normally. If you get regular migraines that affect your quality of life, then you’ll want to find a way to deal with them. While some migraine sufferers manage their headaches with painkillers, this doesn’t work for everyone. If migraines are holding you back in life, then preventative medications may help. How do these medicines work, and will they work for you? Read More»