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How to Use Sports Surgery to Deal with a Tennis Elbow

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A tennis elbow is medically referred to as “lateral epicondylitis,” and it is one of the most common types of tendinitis. The common symptoms of the condition include constant pain of the elbow and the arm. Most people believe that this sports injury is reserved for athletes who play tennis, but the reality is that anyone can get the condition because it results from all activities that involve repetitive gripping and swinging activities. Read More»

Four Factors To Consider When Using Respite Care For A Dementia Patient For The First Time

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In 2016, over 350,000 Australians were thought to have dementia. Dementia is a debilitating disorder which interrupts brain functions. It impacts memory, the ability to perform daily tasks and the opportunity to interact in social settings. As a carer for a parent with dementia, you want to take your first ever break from being a caregiver during the upcoming Christmas holidays. Respite care is the opportunity for you to take a vacation for a set period of time without leaving your parent alone and without the help they need. Read More»

Essential First Aid Skills Everyone Needs During the Summer

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While summer months offer plenty of enjoyment, they also present unique medical challenges. If you’re yet to benefit from first aid training, it’s worth understanding how it can help you enjoy your summer safely.  Heat stroke Between 2000 and 2009, around 532 people per 100,000 died due to heatwave-related causes. Those who are particularly at risk are the elderly and very young, especially when they don’t benefit from adequate sun protection. Read More»

4 Definite Signs That You Should Visit Your Podiatrist

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Despite being one of the most sedentary populations in human history, Australians still put their feet through a lot. It shouldn’t be a surprise that things often go wrong with people’s feet, they carry an entire human around for hours every day; that’s pretty incredible! But when something does go wrong, how can you tell whether to go to a podiatrist, a GP, or to just walk it off? Below are some definite signs that you should pay your podiatrist a visit. Read More»